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Marcos Suarez | Holistic Therapist & Massage Practitioner | Combining Structure and Energy through Bodywork

Marcos Suarez is the founder of Yurt in the City and also provides massage therapy through his business Wild Wood Therapies. He has been a practising holistic therapist since qualifying in 2002 and has trained in many styles of bodywork including  aromatherapy, deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage, soft tissue, Swedish massage and advanced massage techniques. 

Marcos’s style is intuitive and person centred, his focus is on treating the physical body and the person in the body, combining structure and energy through bodywork. While giving bodywork he brings into awareness the clients needs in order to develop a personalised whole body approach to each session. Using a combination of Swedish, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, trigger point release and energy work, Marcos's grounding touch flows continuously throughout the session, allowing tense muscles to release, stress to melt away and the breath to return to an even state. In essence he feels his role as a massage therapist is to hold space for the client, facilitating a deep state of relaxation, allowing them to let go of deep seated tensions in the body and mind.

‘’Holding space for another person is incredibly profound. When you hold space for someone, you bring your entire presence to them. You walk along with them without judgement, sharing their journey to an unknown destination. Yet you're completely willing to end up wherever they need to go’’
Lynn Hauka.

Marcos has a love for the outdoors and is very much inspired by mother nature which he believes is his greatest teacher. Spending lots of time in the wilderness was behind the inspiration of setting up a yurt as an organic, natural and energizing space to work from as a therapist.

Marcos also runs a marquee business hiring unique canvas structures at events and has also been curating healing and wellbeing areas at festivals for over 10 years. Marcos very much enjoys massaging at festivals and events and is as comfortable in a field as he is working from his yurt. 

Marcos is fully insured and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. For more information on treatments and prices please view his website.

Wild Wood Therapies Website.


Holistic Massage

30 min £30 | 60 min £45 | 90 min £65 | 2 hrs £85


30 min £30 | 60 min £45 | 90 min £65 | 2 hrs £85

Deep Tissue Massage

30 min £30 | 60 min £45 | 90 min £65 | 2 hrs £85

Swedish Massage

30 min £30 | 60 min £45 | 90 min £65 | 2 hrs £85


30 min £30 | 60 min £45 | 90 min £65 | 2 hrs £85

Back Neck & Shoulders Massage

30 min £30 | 60 min £45 | 90 min £65

Couples Massage

60 min £90 | 90 min £130 | 2 hrs £180

All therapists at Yurt in the City work on a self employed basis. Please contact them directly to book in.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask that you give us 24hrs notice so we have time to schedule another client. Otherwise you may be charged for the session.
Your therapist will wait for you for 15 mins after which they may assume you are not coming and leave the yurt. 

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Telephone: 07939 725369