Alicia Kon

Eilish Blade
Alicia Kon has more than 20 years experience in the Natural Health area – she specializes in Bio-Engineering, an holistic health approach developed with Japanese Master Kazuo Kon during the years in which she was his uchideshi (live-in apprentice).

She is a Macrobiotics counselor, a qualified massage therapist (Wadô-atsu) and holistic practitioner (Moxibustion, Kinesiotaping, Body Movement, Breathing and Meditation Techniques…)
Life is a flowing process so she likes to keep her work fresh and alive with continuous research, study and experimentation.

Health and wellbeing were common subjects at her home as her elder brother pursued the career of Medicine, but she was always more inclined towards Eastern philosophies with a particular interest in the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

She strongly believes that each person is unique and therefore so is every session. Her intuition and natural sensitivity allow for the treatments to be adapted to the individual’s needs.
Alicia’s sessions promote the body’s self-cure at many levels: physical and psychological healing is derived as well as restoring energy levels and stimulating circulation.



30 min £30 | 90 min £65 | 2 hrs £85

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Telephone: 07397 839918