Baby Massage

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Miranda has worked supporting new parents and their babies for over 10 years and brings a wealth of experience to these baby massage classes.

Over the 5 x 1hr sessions you will learn a simple massage routine which you can adapt in response to your baby’s needs. It includes tips for when your baby is unsettled, massage for colicky symptoms (prolonged periods of crying), constipation and teething. Most of all it’s a great way of bonding, giving you the opportunity to get to know how your baby responds to touch, what they enjoy and what helps them when they need it.

Baby massage enhances the communication between you and your baby; strengthening the bond and giving a boost to your confidence as a parent.

Baby massage has proved particularly beneficial to mothers with postnatal depression. Groups are small, fun and relaxed with plenty of opportunity during the sessions to share parenting experiences and give support to each other.

Head over to Miranda’s website to book.

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2019 dates

New dates coming shortly.

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