Eilish Blade

I have been a practitioner in the field of Complementary Therapies for over 20 years working in both Wales and Ireland. After training in Holistic Massage and Swedish Massage I completed my proficiency in The Bowen Technique and Neuro-Structural Integration Technique, followed by a diploma in Naturopathy.

My passion for food and nutritional health has continued my studies into the field of Biomedicine and an MSc in Nutritional Therapy. I use the full range of my training in bodywork, Nutrition and Naturopathy to address clients symptoms and chronic health conditions.

Modern lifestyles and processed, nutrient-deficient foods are recognised to contribute significantly to stress which can manifest as a myriad of symptoms affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally. Clients who seek to address chronic health conditions are faced with rebalancing their diet as one part of the overall picture, plus integrating lifestyle change for optimum, sustainable results. It can be a daunting prospect to make real changes and my role is to guide and support you step by step through this process. The initial consultation includes a 3 day food dairy to assess your macro and micro-nutrient intake. This forms the basis to build a dietary plan to meet your needs once your background health, family history and current medical history are taken. In total, this is a systems biology-based approach to focus on the root cause of disease as guided by a Functional Medicine model.

When required, a range of specialist tests are offered to give an in-depth analysis of the patients biochemistry and nutritional status. These include, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidant status, gut function, allergy tests, hormones and more.

You will receive an individual food plan to meet your requirements plus recipes and a guide to shopping which can help contribute to a more sustainable diet. Supplements can be ordered through myself at a discount when deficiencies are identified through the following companies, Nutri-Advanced, Biocare and Viridian.

Clients can have a stand-alone Nutritional Plan or incorporate body work as a package for health. Massage and bodywork is available along with Couples Massage at the Yurt which are also a wonderful treat for a loved one or friend. I offer a 20% discount for students, OAP, disability and PIP, plus Carers Allowance. Valid proof must be shown to obtain this discount.


Swedish Massage

30 min £30

60 min £45

90 min £65

Magnesium Oil Massage

30 min £30

60 min £45

90 min £65

Neuro Structural Integration Technique

(advanced Bowen Therapy)​

1st treatment 75 min £40

Subsequent treatments 45 min £30

Naturopathic Nutrition

1st consultation 90min £70

Follow up consultations 60 min £50 

(includes supportive help via email and text when needed)

Couples Massage

30 min £60

60 min £90

90 min £130


All therapists at Yurt in the City work on a self employed basis. Please contact them directly to book in.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask that you give us 24hrs notice so we have time to schedule another client. Otherwise you may be charged for the session.
Your therapist will wait for you for 15 mins after which they may assume you are not coming and leave the yurt.