Gemma is an Usui Level II Reiki and EFT Tapping Practitioner. She is a member of the UK Reiki Federation and studied with EFT International. She runs her holistic therapy business, Fold, specialising in traditional Reiki therapies, EFT, as well as equine wellness in London and Cardiff. Gemma believes Reiki can benefit everyone, whether you have received Reiki many times before, or are new to energetic therapies and are simply intrigued. 

Having experienced the powerful impact Reiki had on her own life, Gemma felt compelled to train as a practitioner and share this with others. She first came to Reiki to help with digestive issues and couldn’t have anticipated the emotional and spiritual impact it would also have on her wellbeing. She went on to train in both London and Cardiff and hasn’t looked back since. She first came to discover EFT Tapping as another modality to support her own anxiety and physical pain, but soon learned the incredible impact this therapy has on supporting mindset, manifestation and overcoming limiting beliefs.

She is particularly interested in how Reiki and EFT can help us tune into our own innate ability to heal – a power she believes we all possess within. She is passionate about supporting clients in their everyday wellness, as well as working with sports people to utilise alternative therapies to aid performance. Gemma’s sessions are the perfect opportunity to find quiet and peace, connect to your inner energy and find balance.

Sessions include a consultation pre and post sessions to support clients and help interpret their experience


Reiki Sessions

45 minutes – £55

60 minutes – £65

*In person sessions include a brief consultation before the session which is included in the time booked. No preparation is required ahead of receiving a treatment. Try to wear comfortable clothing. You will remain clothed for the session and can choose either a hands on or hands off session depending on your preference, both are equally effective.

ETF Tapping

90 minutes – £120

60 minutes – £80

45 minutes (Follow up sessions only) – £65

Specialized Sessions

EFT for Physical Pain

90 minutes £100


EFT for Physical Pain

90 minutes £100

Address and clear presenting issues and any past experiences that are holding you back from the life experience you desire. EFT can help with a range of issues from anxiety and stress, physical pain, addiction, phobias and more. We will work to get to the root of your presenting issue. You will also learn how to self-tap so you can always have this therapeutic technique with you.

Sports Reiki

45 minutes – £55

60 minutes – £65

90 minutes – £80

Reiki is used by a number of high profile sports people and athletes. It is the ideal holistic therapy to accompany traditional training and treatments. Alternative therapies are becoming ever more popular with both amateurs and professionals alike, with some of the world’s top golfers, rugby players, NBA stars and more tapping into this energetic healing.

A Sports Reiki session is conducted in the same way as a normal Reiki session. The main difference with a Sports Reiki session is that we will mainly focus on the physical and emotional or mental issues which may be affecting your sporting performance, or require support.



All therapists at Yurt in the City work on a self employed basis. Please contact them directly to book in.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask that you give us 24hrs notice so we have time to schedule another client. Otherwise you may be charged for the session.
Your therapist will wait for you for 15 mins after which they may assume you are not coming and leave the yurt.